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Pastors Ponderings

“Then Jesus said to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”
    This month will see the realization of a five year old dream of mine.  That dream was to see a church built in a tiny village in the Carpathian Mountains of Southern Romania.  Five years ago on an evaluation trip to Eastern Europe our missionary took us to several villages in Romania.  One of the villages was Hinova.  In the village was a small Christian congregation that had been meeting for many years.  During the communist rule of Europe they met secretly at the risk of their very lives.  After the break up of the Soviet Union they began meeting in a small building about the size of a chicken house.  In fact it is my understanding that the building was used for a chicken house until the church purchased it and the small lot it sits on.  In October of last year I had the privilege of preaching to that small congregation.  We had so many people at the service (a total of 30) that we were forced to meet outside despite the very cold and windy weather.  As I preached to the dear folks God clearly impressed on my heart that I was to tell them that they would have a church building there very soon.  I told them what God said in spite of the fact that I had been unsuccessful for five years in trying to raise the funds to build the church.  Within two months of my return home God had given us the money to build the church.  He has put together a wonderfully capable team to do the work,  This month we go to make that dream come true and to be an answer to prayers that have been prayed by the people of the village for a church for over thirty years.
   South Fork Church Family, you are the major part of building that church for that dear congregation in another part of the world.  Only time and eternity will reveal what God will do with your investment.  It is all happening because Christ is sending us as His Father sent Him and we are willing to go.


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