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Love God, Love Others

Pastor’s Ponderings

     South Fork is beginning a new chapter in its history as we enter into the summer months.  Rev. David Cooper has been called as our minister of youth, outreach, and missions.  He and his wife Sandy will be moving to Todd during the month of May and will assume their duties here the first of June.  I am excited to see what God has in store for us in sending such a qualified and dynamic couple to minister to our congregation.
     Another great opportunity just ahead of us is the community tent revival that is scheduled for Sunday night June 23rd through Saturday June 29th.  There are a great many plans being made which you will learn about in the near future.  The greatest thing I can ask you to do now is pray for a great spiritual awakening in our communities.  Also, all the pastors are asking to fast and pray on each Saturday until the revival.  I really expect and pray to see a great revival here under the tent in Todd.
     One other tremendous need I see in our church is the need for us to have a greater burden for visitation in our community.  On that line I have borrowed some thoughts on visiting from a friend on mine, Dr. M.O. Owens.  I trust they will be an inspiration and motivation for you.
                                 The Value of Visiting
1. “I visit because there are matters that can be settled or started for Human good and God’s glory – THAT CAN BE SETTLED OR STARTED BY A VISIT.”
2. “I visit because it is the ONLY KNOWN METHOD to build a Sunday School or a church successfully.”
3. “I visit because it is the BEST KNOWN WAY to reach absentees and win them to regular attendance.
4. “A visit is the best way to keep in touch with my members.”
5. “I visit because my visits count more than telephone calls or letters.”
6. “Visitation created in the mind of the visited, “somebody cares for me and is interested in me.”
7. “Visitation builds spiritually in both the visitor and the visited.
8. “Visitation creates a more sympathetic and responsive hearing on the part of the one visited for any outreach of the church.
9. “Watch a class when a teacher visits.  Watch a church grow when the Pastor, the deacons, or any one else visits in its behalf.  When a class teacher visits, the class may soon be large enough to divide.  When a church has a dynamic visitation program, growth in every phase will soon be visible.


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