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Love God, Love Others

Southern Baptist Leads the Way

 “Southern Baptist Leads the Way”

“Much has been said about Southern Baptist Churches but the 45,000 churches in the U.S. continue to do missions and lead people to Christ.  We are against sin, but for forgiveness, we believe in salvation as an individual act in concert with the Holy Spirit but realize that there is no salvation without faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.  We baptize by immersion in water because that is what Jesus did.  Records indicate one baptism every thirty-five seconds around the world is done by Southern Baptist Ministers and missionaries.  We try to help the folks in need of compassion with love and by being a friend.  Something about thinking of others instead of self comes into play.  From clothing and food pantries to disaster relief and medical help we try to do what Jesus would have us do.  Southern Baptist are the third largest disaster response organization in the United States.  Southern Baptist prepare most of the Red Cross meals with more than 75,000 trained volunteers and more than 1,600 mobile disaster units.  Through the association, state and national offices we keep a close eye on money that is going through the Cooperative Program and accountability on all paid workers including our foreign missionaries and our missionaries in North America; sometimes numbering over 10,000.  Our six seminaries, help folks who want to further their education.  Children Homes and Homes for the Aging are also a big part of what we do.  Baptist Hospitals around the world give the love of Jesus through healing and the touch of Christian workers.  We do all this and more because Jesus commands us to do it.  From giving our life to loving the unlovable.  This is what our Savior did for me and YOU.  It is one thing to listen to what folks say, (some good and some in error) but the facts speak for themselves.  Southern Baptist continue to lead the way and I for one will follow that cause.  If there was a better way I would be doing it.  Dr. JC Bradley, a good friend to me and a good friend to Southern Baptist says, “the association is a family of churches.”  Not everyone in the family is just alike but we are “akin” through our belief in Jesus. A healthy church is not cloned after another one.  It is led by the Holy Spirit to be what Jesus would have it be.  A healthy church cares for each member including other churches in the association.  Churches in the association and outside of the association must do things together to win a lost world to Christ.  Dr. JC Bradley also says, “Churches shape their association by what they expect, by the significance they give to the role of the annual meeting messengers and executive boards, by how they relate to the association through planning, church budgets, making the association a priority when they write checks and providing leaders for the association.  Churches make their association a vital force for advancing God’s Kingdom.”  We must continue the work that God has provided for each of us.  The ground is level at the foot of the cross and I for one will continue to do all that I can to help, will YOU?  I refuse to listen to those who are swayed by satan to chase rabbits.  The record speaks for itself.  I do not have time to be lost in the desert, too many souls are at stake.  For me I work with other denominations who believe in Jesus but I follow the way of Southern Baptist because it is the most biblical and practical method to serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.”
Article by:
Rev. David Blackburn
February edition of Ashe Baptist Association News


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