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Pastors Ponderings

And they said unto him, where wilt thou that we prepare?”   Luke 22:9

The context of this scripture finds Jesus and his disciples in the city of Jerusalem at the time of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It is actually the day of what we know as  the Last Supper. Jesus had instructed Peter and John to go into the city and make preparation for He and the disciples to eat the Passover. In response to His instruction the disciples had asked the question printed above. “where wilt thou that we prepare?” A very simple question about a very practical mater. However, in the asking of this question there surfaces a great spiritual principle. Have you noticed? This is the Easter Season. The time in church life when we remember and celebrate that great monumental event that precipitated the establishment of that greatest of institutions that we call the church. God thought enough of it and you and me that He choose intentionally to give His life for it and you and me. Consequently, He has every right to ask of us and every right to expect us to examine ourselves, motives, and acts to see if there is any place in them or part of them that we need to “prepare”. So dear church family, as we prepare to celebrate and remember that great intentional sacrifice of Christ, His love for the members of South Fork Baptist Church, and His instruction to us to go as He went, I again ask you to ask yourself, “where wilt thou that we prepare?” What is it that God would have us do to reach the unconcerned and unchurched in the Todd community and beyond. He gave it all for us and then said, “as my Father, hath sent me —– even so send I you”. ~ Homer


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